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Rose, Lavender Swirl, Sweet Orange, and Creamy Milk and Honey.


Rose :  Delicately scented with Organic Rose Fragrance, our rose bar is a wonderful addition to your hygiene routine. This bar has the additional benefits of Kaolin Rose Clay. Rose Clay is known for its gentle and non-drying values and has been said to benefit most, those with sensitive, dry and troubled skin. Paired with our creamy sheep milk and carefully chosen blend of oils, all together make a beautiful bar of soap. 


Sweet Orange: Our Sweet Orange bar is lightly scented with all natural Sweet Orange Essential Oil. It is also naturally colored with Paprika to give it a beautiful orange swirl.


Lavender Swirl:  Our Lavender bar is delicately swirled using a natural colorant, Alkanet Root powder, and sprinkled with dried lavender buds. We make it a priority to make our soap naturally. We scent our Lavender Swirl, with pure Lavender essential oil.


Creamy Milk and Honey:  Creamy Milk and Honey is exactly what we strive for with this soap. Made with rich sheep milk, blended with organic honey fragrance, and with beeswax added for extra hardness to the bar.

🌷 Spring Variety Pack 🌸

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